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Top 25 Fitness Blogs, Best Exercise & Health Websites

The web is a vast resource of fitness tools and information -- it can sometimes be difficult to discern the quality sites from the fluff. So we’ve put together a list of sites that we admire to help get you started. Many of these are very well known, others are hidden gems that we chose to give some well-deserved exposure.

The sites with blogs are regularly updated and keen on sharing useful information, with a focus on reader interest rather than just advertising and product promotion. The sites with community aspects aim to get people together in a supportive atmosphere to help each other with fitness goals and challenges.

The list is organized in no particular order. A true fitness portal may be followed by a simple blog managed by one individual. is an excellent resource for workout videos, workout routines, endless research articles and a great forum where you can get answers to your questions. There are no sign-up fees. It's all free. The forum is the part I like best as you get answers from just regular people that have tried about everything to achieve their goals. is a really neat resource for truly making gains. An engineer turned bodybuilder, Scooby shows how to get really fit through application of his engineering background and trial and error, of which he seems to have learned much, the hard way. Check him out also on YouTube.

Doctor Yessis

Dr. Michael Yessis is an internationally known expert in sports physiology. Dr. Yessis wrote regularly for Muscle & Fitness Magazine. According to Wikipedia, his column was published in Muscle & Fitness magazine for 25 consecutive years. His expertise is helping athletes achieve their best performance.


FitSugar is part of the Sugar Inc. network of pop culture sites, primarily for Y-Gen women, but really for anyone and everyone. FitSugar covers everything from celebrity diets and fitness gossip to healthy tips, fitness programs and even game & online quizzes about fitness and health. You can join the Sugar community or just read through.


CrossFit is a fitness coaching service that trains military and law enforcement groups using their Cross Fit method, which is a combination of diet, cardiovascular exercise and weight training. The web site is all about their training programs and fitness philosophy, but has plenty of articles and information in their Journal section. Worth a look for serious fitness buffs.


SmashFit is a unique idea in personal training. The site helps match those interested in fitness with the right personal trainer. You enter information about your goals and the kind of trainer you’re looking for…and the web site will provide options for you. You choose the one that fits best. A great way to find the right trainer for your needs and a unique fitness tool that deserves a spot on this list.

Running Diva Mom

This wife and new mother has turned to running for her personal time and fitness time on Running Diva Mom. Her passionate journey of combining motherhood and running is detailed in this fun and personal blog. Her goal is to run 1400 miles and she’s almost there.


PEERtrainer is an online fitness community of peers helping peers through their fitness challenges. It’s an active site with plenty of discussions and sub-groups, articles, offerings and more. You can also opt-in to their fitness coaching service, which helps you through the most important part of your own program…the motivation factor. Take a look.

The Great Fitness Experiment

Charlotte, a mom in her late 20s, is using herself as a test subject in The Great Fitness Experiment. She’s going to see if this stuff really works. You can follow her journey, which includes yoga, Pilates, foam rolling, running and other fitness practices. Humorous and personal, her journey may inspire you.


DailyBurn offers tools to help you track your fitness results and manage your daily fitness program. This includes keeping track of what you eat, choosing and recording your workouts and exercise programs, and connecting with others who can share your journey and give you advice. They offer a food and recipe database, nutrition labels for products, and exercise programs that are working for their members. It’s free to join.

Thrive Personal Fitness

Thrive Personal Fitness is mostly a blog about fitness and health. The blog is offered in both video and text formats and the founder, fitness trainer Pamela Hernandez, offers her own coaching and support services too. Thrive provides a set of fitness calculators (body weight, calories, etc.) and a forum for her readers to connect with each other. Good recipes, tips and informational articles.

Underground Strength Coach

If you’re interested in hard-core muscle building and combat-like training programs, check out Underground Strength Coach. It’s about underground strength training programs with interviews of navy seals and the like. You’ll get pumped up if this is your kind of thing. It’s all in the attitude, dude.

Fitness Spotlight

Fitness Spotlight is a long standing fitness blog with tons of great articles and posts on fat loss, exercise, nutrition & cooking, lifestyle and more. They also offer their own “30-day Weight Loss Challenge” program, which comes with an e-book guide. Check out their “Best Of” page for their top articles.


FitLink is a fitness community website with members sharing their workouts, forming sub-interest groups (like beginners, bodybuilders, staying motivated, etc.), and getting together with partners for workouts near their homes. With events and local resources, this site really strives to be a community, but there’s lots of good information there too if you just want to browse.


FitConnect is another fitness community or social networking site with members sharing their tips and workout experiences. This community is especially active in members sharing their tips through their own blogs and videos. The site is divided into social networking, advice on fitness and diets, and workout programs.

Mun Fitness

MunFitnessBlog is a classic blog-style site with great posts on fitness and health…and plenty of humor. The post “3 Types of Weird People at Gym” is a great example and will get you laughing. The objective is to impart “a layman’s experience in the world of working out.” The writing is great and there are plenty of photos.

Valerie Waters Fitness

Valerie Waters is a Hollywood fitness trainer and she knows how to use sex appeal to make her point. She is the creator of two workout programs for women: “Red Carpet Ready” and “I Want My Bikini Body.” These two programs have different goals, which she explains, along with her interesting blog posts and other offerings.

The Facts About Fitness

This is the site of Christian Finn, who holds a masters degree in exercise science (did you know you could major in that?). He’s been featured on TV and radio for his fat-burning and muscle-building workouts. The site has plenty of tips and a member’s area, which is a paid subscription to the site and all its resources.

Zen to Fitness

ZenToFitness is a lifestyle fitness site that offers advice on the inner journey to fitness and health…as well as the outer journey. The site offers lots of great articles on food, nutrition, and the mental side to health. The writer also offers an eBook called “A Simple Guide to Eating Well,” which provides a Zen-like approach to diet and nutrition.


WellSphere is an online health and fitness community that has numerous sub-groups for people interested in green living, healthy eating, liver & kidney disease, skin health, heart health, endurance training and much more. The site is divided into those providing health services (trainers, suppliers, etc.) and those seeking them (the rest of us). Each member has a blog and can offer different tools for the community.

Fitness 4 Her

Fitness4Her offers a set of specialized resources created by the Fitness4Her team. Resources include a special diet program, an exercise program, a unique way of fitness journaling, and other tools. You must become a member to get access to these tools, but membership is free so you’ve got nothing to lose. If in doubt, check out the excellent blog, which has articles on food, positive affirmations, and much more…especially for women.

Health & Fitness Solutions

Health & Fitness Solutions is geared mostly toward men's issues but also has some good general advice on fitness and health, such as “6 Way to Make Pushups Harder” and “Top 10 Natural Ways to Reduce Inflammation.” Fresh ideas and information worth a look.

Green Drink Reviews

Green Drink Reviews is primarily about nutrition and provides reviews of protein powders and “green” nutritional drinks. But the site also has plenty of articles and tips on healthy weight loss, healthy foods, energy enhancement, and natural sexual stimulants. Nutrition should always be part of a fitness program, so we’ve included this site as a great resource on nutrition the natural way.

  • Have you visited any of these sites?
  • Know of any others that belong on the list?
  • Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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  1. Great list! I haven’t heard of some of these, can’t wait to check em out!

  2. Really? You forgot about us over at You make us sad. Now we shall group together with our massive audience and cry.


    Good list none-the-less.

  3. Steve says:

    FJ – The list was put together before I discovered Fitmarker last week! Love your site and shared it with other fitness site owners. Unfortunately Project_Swole may have ensured that the article doesn’t get pumped…

  4. No worries, that is one man’s opinion and one man’s vote… which we respect. However, you DID include Charlotte’s site on your site, who is a friend, so I personally gave it a pump.

  5. Beth says:

    BIG KUDOS to recognizing!! Another great site not to be missed is Melissa Byer’s nutrition site at Amazing stuff for whatever workout you follow. Thanks – great list!

  6. Yes, you might like to consider our site. We are both fitness presenters, writers & editors in the fitness industry. Kymberly created the personal trainer minor program at UCSB (plus ran the minor for Group Fitness) and Alexandra teaches in the Exercise Sports Studies Department at UCSB. Kymberly is a former head judge for the International Aerobics Competitions and a former editor for one of IDEA (the fitness association) magazines. Alexandra is a current contributor & editor for all of the IDEA publications. Our site uses current research and humor to answer questions from our readers. We would be honored if you’d consider our site. Thank you.

  7. Thanks for the mention guys, really appreciate it.


  8. Thanks for this list of fitness blogs. It always helps when someone organizes the vast information that’s available online. Great post.

  9. Finally! I have been looking for something like this for so long. I would search exercise blog or fitness tips in Google and I kept getting a bunch of spammy stupid sites. Finally I looked up best exercise blogs and found this and it was exactly what I have been looking for all day! Thanks so much for posting, this so so helpful for me. Maybe you can do another post that is top 25 men’s fitness blogs and then top 25 women’s fitness blogs. I know not everything on this list will necessarily appeal to everyone, so that may help out. Thanks again!

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  11. ben says:

    Thanks for the info on the web these very good!

  12. Chris K says:

    This is the most professional of these top fitness lists I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing these resources. Also, is a very friendly site that seems focused on building a fitness community. Great work!

  13. Nail says:

    thankyou for sharing great information , i really like it

  14. bodychronicle says:

    nice write up on the different blogs. I actually subscribed to 3 of the rss feeds.

    ATTN Admin: is there a way you can possibly add my site?

  15. Julius says:

    Those blogs are really good.. i bookmarked this page…

  16. Thanks for putting this list together! I hadn’t heard of a few of the sites. Really helps in locating legit sites and not the sites that are “spam filled” sites! Thanks for the infomation!

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