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Total Trainer Pilates System from Bayou Fitness | All Around Workout, Weight Resistance Gym

total-trainer-pilates1This system combines the popular Total Trainer/Total Gym body weight resistance training design with a number of accessories for incorporating Pilates routines. It offers a large variety of available workouts with the ability to switch between exercises and variations with ease. Also inherent in this type of gym is a space saving design and with no clanging of plates, weights or barbells.

The Bayou Total Trainer Pilates System is a relatively small and portable machine that can help build strength and musculature without overly stressing joints. This is not a machine for body builders but when used properly 3-5 times/week it can deliver measurable results. There are 19 available resistance levels and the performance is rhythmic and smooth with only minor bumps when rolling over the rail hinge.

This Bayou trainer includes more features and options (Pilates and standard weight resistance) than the Total Gym sold by Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley through TV infomercials. Here's a partial list of features, attachments and accessories.

  • Bicep Power Flex
  • Quick Release Pulley System
  • Advanced Pro AB (Stomach) Crunch Strap
  • Bicep Curl Press Bar
  • Deluxe Chrome Plated Pull-up Push-up Bar
  • Deluxe 2" Double Stitched Box Cushion
  • Twin Handles
  • Power Bar
  • Sit-up Foot Trays
  • Extra Large Heavy Duty Squat Board
  • Dual Leg Cuffs
  • Toe Bar
  • Shoulder Pads

The Bayou Total Trainer Pilates System ships fully assembled and includes a Pilates instructional video (unfortunately VHS not DVD) and a detailed manual.

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