Saturday, May 5th, 2018

TurboBells Adjustable Dumbbell System | Xvest 5-60 Pound Weight Set With Bench

xvest-turbobellsHere's yet another intriguing entry into the adjustable dumbbell derby. New technologies are changing how consumers perceive and purchase fitness equipment and adjustable dumbbells have become a popular choice with online shoppers.

Xvest, best known for their high quality weighted vests, has recently branched out into the dumbbell market with the release of TurboBells.

These dumbbells use a patented lever mechanism to quickly adjust weight between 5 and 60 pounds, as opposed to the dial up or pin adjustment systems used by Bowflex Selecttech and PowerBlocks, respectively. At 60 pounds max per dumbbell the TurboBells actually have the highest top end of the three.

xvest-turbobells-standTurboBells are very sturdy, easy to adjust and include a diagram of weight configurations displayed on each dumbbell. The unique "hammer handle" is flat on both sides rather than cylindrical. This along with the rubber coating ensures a tight and secure grip during workouts.

The dumbbells are constructed with durable plastic parts, but with plastic  there's always a slight risk of cracking. You don't want to carelessly release the weights after a set as you might with regular dumbbells.

The included stand is a nice added bonus and makes use and storage very convenient.

Xvest TurboBells Adjustable Dumbbells Product Details

  • 60 pound maximum weight per hand
  • Patented flip switch dumbbell system adjusts in 2.5 Ib increments
  • Dumbbell stand included
  • Comfortable "hammer handle" is flat on both sides
  • Rubber grip provides maximum security and comfort
  • Includes complete exercise guide and user manual

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