Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Ultimate Folding Rebounder Trampoline | ReboundAIR Cardio/Core Exercise & Therapy

ultimate rebounder trampolineThe Ultimate ReboundAIR is an expensive, health club quality rebounder that distinguishes itself from cheap home trampolines in a number of important ways.

The frame supports users of over 300 lbs and incorporates the same lighter than metal composite polymers used in auto and aircraft engines.

The innovative design integrates the high caliber, wide belly springs into the frame itself. This offers added protection and eliminates the need for an additional spring cover.

The "quarter-fold" design lets you tuck in the legs and then fold the frame twice before storing in the carrying case, which then fits into the included dolly. This design offers true convenience and portability without sacrificing stability when unfolded and in use.

Rebounders are ideal for jumping or jogging in place, reducing the amount of stress on joints. With all rebounders there's a possibility of springs becoming worn and eventually breaking. Fortunately this is covered by the manufacturer's all-component lifetime warranty.

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