Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Valeo 40-Pound Adjustable Weighted Vest | WV40 Progressive Strength & Cardio Training

valeo-weight-vestThe Valeo WV40 40-Pound Weighted Vest offers a versatile new method to help vary your workouts. This innovative strength training accessory increases cardio conditioning and muscle tone by adding distributed weight across your upper body.

Excellent for walking, running and hiking, the vest can also be used for injury rehab or while doing pushups, pullups or any other strength training exercise.

The one pound weight packs are fairly easy to insert and total weight can be adjusted from 1 to 40 pounds. This versatility allows you to start with light weight and work your way up as strength and conditioning increases.

The vest includes a convenient accessory pocket and the reflective patches on the binding improve visibility and safety while wearing the vest at night.

Reinforced shoulder padding and adjustable shoulder and side straps add comfort. Depending on the size of your torso the vest may take some getting used to. Valeo touts the vest as "one size fits most"  and it may not fit snugly for a small fraction of users.

Valeo WV40 Adjustable Weighted Vest Product Details

  • Removable 1 lb. packs for adjustment from 1-40 lbs.
  • Distributes weight evenly around torso helping improve cardiovascular fitness and strength
  • Comfortable, durable padded nylon and breathable mesh with four adjustable clip belts
  • Reinforced shoulder padding
  • Accessory pocket holds MP3 player, wallet etc.
  • Reflective binding for improved visibility

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