Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Valeo Hanging Ab Straps | For Iron Gym, P90X Doorway or Joist Mount Chin/Pull Up Bars

valeo ab straps pullup barThe Valeo Ab Straps are a pair of looped sling-like pads that support the body's weight while performing hanging abdominal exercises. They allow you to stay mindful of isolating the stomach muscles rather than focusing on maintaining a secure grip on the chin up bar.

The straps are constructed from durable, heavy-duty nylon and will not not wear out or tear. They are ideal for building strong abs and core while performing hanging crunches and leg lifts.

An quick-lock "clip on" carabiner hook makes it easy to attach the straps to any chin up, pull up or sturdy overhead bar. This product has become popular for use with the Iron Gym, P90X and Joist Mount pullup bars

valeo ab strapsExtra padding and brushed interior lining add comfort. The straps are machine washable.

Valeo Ab Straps Product Details

  • Two ab straps for off-the-floor crunches and leg lifts
  • Made of durable, heavy-duty woven nylon with steel grommets
  • Steel carabiner attachments for use with all brands of pull-up bars
  • Interior padding with brushed lining for maximum arm comfort
  • Straps clean easily in the washing machine (line-dry only)

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