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Wall-Mounted Pull Up/Chin Up/Dip Bar | Maximum Muscle Trainer from Maximum Fitness Gear

maximum muscle wall mounted pull up bar 3Looking for a pull up bar that's sturdier and supports more weight than the removable doorway variety? This kit from Maximum Fitness Gear is an ideal choice. Built with professional quality high grade steel, the bar installs as a permanent fixture and supports up to 400 pounds. It's appropriate for casual users and serious bodybuilders alike.

The bar can be mounted on a solid wall or wood beam for maximum safety and support. The non-slip powder coating and comfort grips on the cross bars provide additional security.

The overall design and mounting brackets lend a more attractive aesthetic than some of the joist mount pull up bars that use long brackets with protruding hardware.

The nonslip coating on the horizonal bar is nice for sustaining a grip but would benefit from soft grip handles. Some users wear training gloves or wrap the handles with towels or other padding to avoid hand irritation.

This bar can also be used as a dip station but requires a high enough ceiling and a ladder or other method to access the bar in a dipping position.

Pull ups are among the most effective and efficient of upper body workouts. They involve compound movements, using multiple joints, muscle groups and auxiliary muscles.

Wall mounted chin up bars let you workout spontaneously without the need to install in a doorway each time you're ready to knock out a set.

Compare to the Joist Mount Chin Up Bar. For the bestselling no screw, doorway models, see the P90X Chin-Up Bar or Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar.

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