Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Wireless Activity Monitor | LifeSource XL-20 With ActiLink USB Transceiver & PC Software

With the plethora of fitness monitors on the market, choosing the right device for your needs can be daunting. After the choice is made many find the higher end devices to be complicated and confusing.

The LifeSource XL-20 focuses on simplicity while providing a complete activity record of useful and motivating data. There are no buttons to press and your results automatically and wirelesly sync with the easy to use software using a USB tranceiver.

The bottlecap-sized device attaches to your shoe and measures steps, distance, activity time and calories burned, without ever monitoring or adjusting the settings.

The XL-20 is an accelorameter, not just a simple pedometer, measuring average speed of motion in addition to steps taken.

The downside to this micro design is that the battery is built into the unit and not replacable. You'll need to purchase a new monitor when the battery is expended after about six months of regular use.

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