Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Xvest Adjustable Weighted Fitness Vest X4040 | 40-Pound Strength & Cardio Training

xvest weighted vestWhen used consistency over an extended period of time, weighted vests convince the mind that the body has gained extra weight. When removed the muscles function and react as if the weight still exists, producing gains in speed, conditioning and overall strength.

The Xvest4040 includes multiple pockets to allow the even distribution of weight for better balance, comfort and safety. You can gradually increase resistance by adding more weight in one pound increments.

The torso and shoulder straps feature highly adjustable hook and loop closures to ensure a proper and snug fit. The vest material is high quality Denir Nylon treated with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agents.

When worn snugly the Xvest4040 promotes dynamic breathing which in turn improves lung capacity.  When putting on the vest it may be difficult to lift over your head when fully loaded.  One option is to get into the vest with minimal weight and then add more one pound cylinders.

The Xvest4040 is appropriate for walking, running, pushups, pullups, kickboxing, rehabilitation and treadmill/elliptical training. Situps can be a bit uncomfortable because of the protruding weight pocket on the back of the vest.

The Xvest has been used by Olympians and NFL, NBA, and MLB players to help improve. This is a justifiable investment for competitors and enthusiasts looking to break through stubborn fitness plateaus.

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