Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Yoga Kit For Beginners | I Ching Mat, Block, Strap & DVD from Gaiam

Gaiam Yoga Kit for Beginners is a Great Starter Set

Yoga Kit for BeginnersThis is an admirable introductory kit for those who are new to yoga or just need some basic props for the home. For less than $25 this starter set will ease yoga into your daily routine and help build a solid foundation.

The package includes an I Ching mat, yoga block, strap and DVD. If purchased separately these items would cost much more.

The mat includes alignment marks to help guide hand and foot placement, the yoga block aids in proper positioning and support, and the yoga strap helps to lengthen and align stretches.

The DVD includes an 8 minute instructional video on how to use the props correctly and build good habits into your yoga practice. This is followed by a 24 minute program led by yoga expert Rodney Yee.

The DVD workout is actually a bit advanced for a beginner’s kit, but gives users something to work up to after mastering the basic skills.

Yoga is highly recommended for improving flexibility, strength and circulation, improving core strength, agility and balance and increasing mental clarity.

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